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Welcome! I've been writing fan-fiction for years, and have quite a collection. For those of you not familiar with the concept (is there anyone who isn't, these days?) loosely defined, fan-fiction is unauthorized fiction which uses characters originally created in another medium, such as film or television.) I have written both erotic* and non-erotic fanfiction in several "universes," among them Star Trek: The Next Generation, The X-Files, Highlander: The Series, Profiler, Prey, Space: Above and Beyond, Due South, Smallville, and Man from UNCLE. This is an occupation which gives me a great deal of emotional, if not monetary, satisfaction. Do I 'need a life?' No, I have one, it takes up most of every weekday. Writing fan-fic is what I do for fun. Believe it or not I'm a reasonably well-adjusted person. (Those of you who know me can stop laughing now!) :-)

About Copyright: Regardless of what your best friend, your mother, or your local cybergeek may have told you, yes, materials on the Internet are copyrighted, just like a book in a store. If you doubt it, feel free to check out the U.S. Copyright Office's homepage for a discussion of the law and the Berne Convention (which covers international copyright law). Bottom line: no, you are NOT free to simply print out/copy what you see here and claim it as your own. And yes, you know who you are. Be a responsible Netizen and write me if you want to use something of mine in a 'zine or other arena. (This text paraphrased with permission, from Sarah Stegall)

IMPORTANT: Though I support free-speech online, I'd rather not have minors reading my erotica without parental permission. Please respect my wishes. If you are considered a minor in your community, please do not read the NC-17 stories. The entries are all clearly marked as to content. If you'd like to know what my opinions are on free-speech online, check out: Hoosier Red's "Net Censorship" page. She speaks my mind as if I'd written it myself. :-)

If you're interested in my fanfic, here's a listing of what's out there and where. Click on the link to the fandom of your choice, and please note that within each fandom, the stories are generally catalogued by posting date, although in the case of a series, they are in 'series order'. Thus in most cases the newest works will be at the bottom of the page, but look for 'new' notifications if you're looking for stories within a series because those will be catalogued by where the story falls within the series rather than by posting date. Confusing enough for ya? :-)

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*Why do I write erotica? Because I think the loving expression of human sexuality is beautiful and natural. I write both "Het" (heteroerotic) and "Slash" (homoerotic) erotic fiction. Please note that though I write erotic fan-fic, this does not mean that I am a crazed fangirl out to attack any of my objet d'squidge. I have enough sense to know the difference between fantasy and reality, and I am certainly aware of the difference between actor and character.

My e-mail address is kellie at (convert the 'at' to a @ to send email)

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