"Squidge" -- Defined

Submmitted to Webster's New World Dictionary:

squidge (skwij) -n The remaining dampness, usually on sitting surfaces or in clothing, after a person has partaken in visual, oral, or written stimuli of a somewhat sexual nature. Squidge can be produced by either gender, but is more pronounced in females. -v To cause one to squidge ex: David Duchovny (or James Morrison, Paul Gross, Callum Keith Rennie, Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield, etc., etc.,) makes me squidge. see also spooge. -adj A personal atribute given to someone who is considered to produce emotions that are exciting or intended to excite sexual desire. See also sexy. Squidged, squidging, to have squidged, will be squidging, is quite squidgy, puddle of squidge, the squidgiest.

Definition courtesy of:

Walter H. "Noah Webster wouldn't know squidge if it hit him in the face." Hopgood, Duchovnik

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