Birthdate and Astrological Analyses for Benton Fraser & Ray Kowalski

After much discussion, research, and chart-casting, AuKestrel and I would like to offer the following as possible birthdates for Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski. We have heard that the 'canon' birthyear for Fraser would be 1962, based on the series pilot where Fraser is reading his father's journal. The entry is dated 10 January 1969 and Robert Fraser refers to Ben as being 7 years old. The actual statement is, "the last time I saw Ben he was barely tall enough to reach my belt...7 years old and he's already a better man than I'll ever be..." So it's really open to some interpretation. It could have been a very long time since he's seen him. If he was born in November of 1959, then it would have been at least two years since Bob had seen his son. We wouldn't find that impossible. It's stated several times that Ben was raised by his grandparents, and didn't really know his father well because he wasn't around a lot as Ben was growing up. So not even the pilot nails it down. The only thing we know for certain is that Ben was conceived in an igloo his father built, which implies a winter conception.

In any case, what we did was use the actors' birth years for the year. These are our opinions, and only our opinions, and no one else is required to agree with us. Note, these are for the characters not the actors. And, yes, we know, "It's JUST a TV show!"

                                                                            --Kellie Matthews & AuKestrel

Monday's child is fair of face
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe
Thursday's child has far to go
Friday's child is loving and giving
Saturday's child must work for a living
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is blithe and bonny, good and gay.

Sunday 15 Nov 1959 12 am
Long: 115W18 Lat: 63N27 (North of Great Slave Lake, NWT, Canada)

Scorpio Sun: [Inner Self] Powerful emotions, a strong sense of purpose, highly imaginative, discerning, subtle, persistent, determined. May also be jealous, obstinate, stubborn and intractable. Tends to be secretive and suspicious. Passionate in all fields of his life, be it sexuality, work, or play. A peculiar intensity permeates his entire being, and his enormously powerful energy gives him hidden depths which are often unsuspected by less emotional people. When this force is properly channeled it can give the Scorpio great quantities of endurance and he will battle against severe odds to win. Will rise above earthly difficulties and soar away from earthbound antagonisms. Great personal magnetism, a sense of something fascinating and my sterious. Has a strong sense of perception, and an analytical mind capable of penetrating to the root of any problem. Scorpio's powerful emotional level finds a positive outlet through sex. He loves intensely, passionately, ardently and enduringly. Should his sex life be unsatisfactory, he will find it very difficult to fill this gap in his life. Likes discipline and responds to it. (Not THAT kind, getcher mind outta the gutter!) Best career choices are police work, or the armed forces, or anything related to psychiatry and the science of the mind.

Virgo Ascendant: [Outer Self] Discriminating, analytical, meticulous, modest, tidy. May be fussy, a worrier, hypercritical, over-fastidious, and finicky. A hard worker, extremely practical with a great appetite for detail. At his best, the Virgoan is both careful and eager to help his fellow man. He thrives on constant activity and has energy to burn. He finds it difficult to let up, though, and often his ideas of relaxation may seem like hard work to others. Precision and neatness are natural to him, as is a purity which the sign's name suggests. In some cases this can build up a psychological barrier that is difficult to break down. Virgoans make very good and loyal friends and their natural reserve can be charming. Virgoans often take an interest in health and diet. The Virgoan mind is more capable than any other sign of analytical and detailed assimilation of facts. Confronted with a problem, his immediate instinct is to break it down and analyze it, missing no aspect of the situation. The Virgoan often has trouble in emotional relationships as he has difficulty expressing himself as fully or as ardently as he really wants to.

Taurus Moon: [Emotional Self] The moon is at its most stable in Taurus, impulsiveness balanced by persistence and determination. A hopeful and positive outlook, ambitious and reliable in action. Usually sociable and sensual, but may be overly possessive.

Mercury in Sagittarius: [Communication/Thought] The eternal student, having a constant need for intellectual challenge. Broad-minded, can grasp a situation quickly. Sincerity and a natural sense of justice are usually in evidence. Writing /storytelling talent is common, as are a certain duality and versatility.

Venus in Libra: [Love/Sex/Femininity] Business and emotional partnerships are powerfully stressed and bring fulfillment to the personality. Being in love with love can be mistaken for the real thing, so bonds must not be too hastily formed. Finds great happiness and joy in relationships. Libra gives a natural duality to the sex drive.

Mars in Scorpio: [Power/Drive/Masculinity] The placement contributes deep emotions. If these are allowed to flow positively there is real strength and powerful leadership potential, but if blocked the negative side may become dangerous resulting in cruelty, jealousy, and revenge. A love of good food and drink, sometimes to excess, may be evident, perhaps in compensation for frustrated emotions. Strength of character is required to realize the great potential of this placement.

Monday 4 April 1960 2:30 am
Long 87W39'42" Lat 41N51'54" (Chicago, IL, USA)

Aries Sun: [Inner Self] Enthusiastic, generous, lively. Quick-witted but not good on details. Quick to give and take offense. Undiplomatic. Tends to be a very bad liar. May be selfish, but is easily turned away from that selfishness by reasoned argument. Will put up with adverse conditions only so long as he is confident that they will eventually bring him what he wants. This desire to achieve his own ends may lead to impulsivity. Restless, impatient, brave and sometimes foolhardy. Risk-taker. Careless. In relationships tends to be extremely romantic and expresses his sexuality more strongly than most. Will probably have a childlike quality about him. Has a pioneering spirit; challenge is important to him. May seem difficult and may not be an easy friend, but has an enormous store of energy -- lively as well as powerful. Needs a lot of freedom, but will always return if given that freedom. However trying he may be, the Arian has a quickness of wit, often satirical, that will come to the rescue of any situation. That quickness can be dangerous, because his mind often works erratically rather than logically, however when a snap decision needs to be made, he will usually make the right one.

Aquarius Ascendant: [Outer Self] Humanitarian, independent, friendly, willing, inventive, frequently unpredictable. Original, rebellious, tactless, possibly inflexible. Clever, but an erratic and indifferent learner. Demands trust and reliance from others. Attracted to 'causes,' and has a strong underlying sense of right and wrong. Will be strongly in favor of reform and change, and the advancement of the human condition, but also strongly opinionated on how that is to be accomplished. Not easily persuaded that he is wrong. Tends to be very broad-minded, and completely indifferent to the opinions of others. Once a relationship is established, he is very stable, extremely loyal and faithful, although personal independence is extremely important and he will demand a large amount of understanding from a partner. In a career, the Aquarian looks for independence, originality, and scope for inventiveness. Will often be involved in humanitarian work. May feel strong revolutionary tendencies. Tends to have disdain for authority.

Cancer Moon: [Emotional Self] Positive lunar traits are strongly emphasized. The need to cherish and protect, and a powerfully developed family instinct are prominent. In relationships a natural tenacity could become clinging if poorly aspected. Sympathy for the feelings of others is common. This placement usually makes good parents. A powerful imagination and a high emotional level are always present.

Mercury in Pisces: [Communication/Thought] Kind and charitable, a flexible and easily impressionable mind. Forgetful and absentminded but highly creative and intuitive. A high emotional level requiring some positive outlet like poetry or dancing, generally has a flair for comedy and entertaining others.

Venus in Pisces: [Love/Sex/Femininity] Totally ruled by emotions in any relationship. At times overly sentimental, but with great ability to express genuine feeling. Will make considerable sacrifices for the loved one, to the point of self-abnegation. Desire to help the underdog and identification with suffering. Will not find it easy to keep a rational outlook. Generous to a fault; money and professional success mean nothing.

Mars in Pisces: [Power/Drive/Masculinity] Strong emotional desire to work for the betterment of others, involving considerable self-sacrifice. Sometimes a tendency to be influenced by others

Some of the discussion that led to the above chart castings:

Fraser as Virgo -- can sort of see this, but it's all
external. Internally, he's got very deep and hidden emotions which are not very Virgoan. I would say that he has a Virgo ascendant. His outer persona, what everyone else sees, is precise, almost fussy, analytical, even virginal-- but the deep part, the part about love and sex and death and 'knowing' what he knows without being able to explain it, his self control, his self hatred -- that all points to Scorpio, as does his continual connection to the Other Side (in the person of Bob Fraser). Scorpio's Plutonian nature makes him especially sensitive to death and its attendant issues. Scorpio is an expert in the fine art of self-control, usually (but not always) keeping his emotions disciplined. Not to mention that Scorps are supposed to be really good housekeepers AND they love uniforms. :-)

>From Linda Goodman's
Sun Signs, on Scorpio:

"Replacing the frown most people resort to when they're displeased is the Scorpion's blank stare. That is, his features stare blankly at you, if you know what I mean, without giving you a hint of what's on his mind. His eyes contain the secret, but they gaze at you with such hypnotic intensity when his emotions are aroused that, even if they do give you a hint of what's going on within, you're thrown into a trance like state that causes you to immediately forget what you thought you almost knew. His smiles are the most complicated code of all, the most difficult to translate. There's that heart tugging grin, containing all the innocent delight of childhood, the one he used to grin when he was a little boy, before he mastered the impassive trick . . . seen so rarely you're never sure if you really saw it or only dreamt it. Then there's the quick, broad smile (you have to look fast or you'll miss it) of pleasure, happiness, and approval, so seldom bestowed, its all the more a blessing when it appears."

For Ray, we had trouble with the widely posited Crab idea for two main reasons: money and moodiness. Crabs have the money thing going on -- they need piles and piles of it to be happy, which we never see evidence of in Ray. Emotionally yes, Ray is volatile but he's not moody and withdrawn and depressed and constantly needing reassurance. He does have that tough guy shell though. We pegged him as a Fire sign with a Cancer MOON maybe, but not Sun! (That needing to be reassured that he really is loved is very much in tune with a Cancer moon.) Probably sun in Aries. He's got that Cardinal Fire volatility and energy, though he could just as easily be Sagittarius-- loves the offbeat, loves to travel, no housekeeping, no cooking! Whichever, he's probably Aquarius ascendant. Aquarians are natural detectives, and 'march to their own drummer', and are anti-authority. Though this could be flipped, with Aquarius sun and Aries rising, since Ray does not really HAVE an inner and outer personality, both facets are pretty much constantly showing, unlike Fraser who hides his inner being.

Note: astrological analyses were developed in part using The Compleat Astrologer by Derek & Julia Parker, as well as Sun Signs and Love Signs by Linda Goodman.